Bookkeeping + Inventory + Pricing Template for Small Businesses
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Bookkeeping + Inventory + Pricing Template for Small Businesses

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Bookkeeping + Inventory + Pricing Template for Small Businesses - by Emily Jane Organizes.

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Spend LESS time on bookkeeping, admin work, trying to stay organized, and MORE time creating your special products for your small business! The Small Business Bookkeeping + Inventory + Pricing Spreadsheet is the perfect tool to get your small business accounting systems organized and streamlined.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Free Office. The digital download includes a PDF showing how to convert the Excel file to Google Sheets. The spreadsheet is openable in Mac Numbers, but she lives her best life in Microsoft Excel (PC or Mac). If you have a Mac and do not have Excel, I suggest using the spreadsheet in Google Sheets (a completely free program!). Excel is your best choice and Google Sheets (with my PDF instructions on converting) is your second best choice. The US Sales Heat Map does not work in Google Sheets. Mac Numbers has most of the functionality, but not all. Purchase for Mac Numbers at your own risk - we do not issue refunds for Mac Numbers compatibility issues.

Due to the nature of our products being digital downloads, there are no refunds or exchanges and *all sales are final*.

This template does not include any CSV downloads. You will manually enter all sales and expenses. If you sell on a platform with downloadable sales data, check out my shop. I might have a template for your sales platform!

My spreadsheets are made in the US with US businesses in mind. Please be advised that if you live in a country with DD/MM/YY date formatting, a few simple date formatting changes are required to make the spreadsheet work for you. You can always message me with questions.

The spreadsheet is easy to use and was created by a Certified Public Accountant with a love for systems and organization. In addition to walking you through the entire spreadsheet tab-by-tab, we include tips on how to stay organized with business receipts and other cumbersome business processes.

- PROFIT AND LOSS ANALYSIS BY MONTH - Analyze expenses, revenue, # of transactions, and net profit by type and month, as well as a yearly total. This is the simplest way to see how your business is doing - which revenue streams are generating the most income, which expense categories are you spending the most money on, and of course *how* much money are you making in your shop?

- TRACK ALL INVENTORY ITEMS ON ONE TAB - Keep a running list of ALL inventory items in your shop. Manually update the Units Created column. Formulas AUTOMATICALLY pull the # of units sold from the Revenue tab for EACH individual inventory item. Formulas also calculate the total Ending Inventory and the Cost of your Ending Inventory.

- CALCULATE RECOMMENDED PRICE ON ONE TAB - Using manual entry and automatic formulas, calculate the recommended price on each of your inventory items. Then calculate Profit Per Unit on the actual selling price. Add as many Material Cost columns as your business needs. Customize fee calculations to suit your needs.

- CALCULATE YOUR BUSINESS'S OVERHEAD RATE - Calculate your business's overhead rate to ensure that you are capturing all business expenses when setting prices. Make sure your business is profitable!

- YEAR OVER YEAR COMPARISONS AND VISUAL CHARTS - The Dashboard tab includes year over year comparisons for Net Profit, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Number of Sales Transactions. Manually enter your prior year totals to view the $ change and % change from year to year. Also, three visually descriptive charts to show you Revenue & Expense by Year, Revenue & Expense by Month, Revenue by Income Type. A heat map of the USA showing the total amount of Revenue in each state. Unfortunately, the heat map is not compatible with Google Sheets.

- INPUT ALL COGS EXPENSES - Easily track all of your inventory-related purchases on one tab. Formulas determine your ending raw materials inventory so you can stay organized and calculate your COGS at the end of the year.

- INPUT ALL REVENUE ON ONE TAB - Manually enter sales data on the designated tab so that all sales are summarized together on the Profit and Loss tab. Quantity information from this tab flows to the Inventory Tracker tab so you know how many units of each item you have sold.

- MAKE TAX TIME EASIER - Our spreadsheet incorporates pre-populated expense categories that are recognized by the IRS and included on your tax form! And of course, the option for custom expenses, if needed. We explain certain confusing expense categories in plain terms, give examples, and cut out the confusing tax language. The spreadsheet also provides the amounts needed to calculate your cost of goods sold at year-end.

- SALES TAX - A State Sales Tax tab is also included to help calculate how much to pay in-state sales tax each month. You can duplicate this tab to calculate sales tax in as many states as you need.

- PURCHASE ONCE, USE AGAIN AND AGAIN - "Save As" a new file and change the Reporting Year dropdown to select a new year. Use this template again and again! Detailed instructions included in the spreadsheet.

- LIFETIME TEMPLATE UPDATES - Be sure to sign up for template updates (link in the spreadsheet). I send out updated templates each time I make a big improvement to the template.

We help creatives stay organized with the business side of things so that they have more time to focus on the parts of their business that they love. Our bookkeeping spreadsheets are the perfect tool for those who need a fresh start on keeping their books organized.

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