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CAC/LTV Calculator
Amy Halvorsen


Thank you

Very happy with what they provided!

Catering Financial Model Excel Template

Excellent model but very costly for one time purchase. Need cheaper pricing USD 30 approx

Banquet Hall Financial Model Excel Template

Goat Farming Financial Model Excel Template

IRR Equity Waterfall Template Excel

Inventory Valuation Model - FIFO Method of Valuing Inventory

Sales Team Headcount Forecast Excel Template

Data analysis template
Excellent tool from data anlaysis

Quite user-friendly and functional tool, based on MS Excel. VBA is used, so take this in mind when first using the file.
Provides a wide range of functions for statistical analysis and visualisation.
Highly recommend.

User manual for the Data'sOk data analysis template
A useful manual for the Analysis tool

This is a useful Manual that gives you an impression on what you get when purchasing the Excel template for data analysis from this seller. Easy to understand, screenshot available.

Forestry And Timber Harvesting Financial Model Excel Template

It's ok

Is not granular enough. For example, lights hours being used, different types of fertilizer.

Clinical Lab Financial Model Excel Template

Waterpark Financial Model Excel Template

SaaS Five Year Financial Projection Excel Template

Too pricy

I really liked the model wanted to purchase the model but for an excel spreadsheet the price was too much!

Return Ratios Excel Template Calculator


is simple

Personal Finance Template Microsoft Excel

Due Diligence Excel Checklist

Excellent model

Friendly user and very complete

Due Diligence Excel Checklist

Price Comparison
andres duany
Product Number

Very basic

DCF Calculator
Marwan Zoobi

Good Calculator

Did not provide any real data, all guesses

The model look nice in the pictures, but there was not real data in the model based on any sort of research and it really wasn’t useful to me.