Free Cash Flow Real Estate Valuation Excel Model
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Free Cash Flow Real Estate Valuation Excel Model

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This Free Cash Flow Real Estate Valuation template is a tool for creating a 10-year business plan for a real estate company, as well as estimate enterprise and equity values under certain assumptions.

With this Free Cash Flow Real Estate Valuation template you will be able to:

-> Use assumptions in the Income Statement & Balance sheet to automatically create a Cashflow Statement

-> Calculate WACC, either manually or using CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model assumptions for a real estate company operating in the US market are included)

-> Determine the worth of the company in the separate worksheet for valuation, which displays FCFF (Free Cash Flow to Firm) for each year, terminal firm value

-> Perform sensitivity analysis for the company value to assumptions of WACC and terminal growth rate

-> Calculate detailed projections of financing activities and capital expenditures

The Free Cash Flow Valuation template includes the following worksheets:

-> P&L (Income Statement)

-> BS (Balance Sheet)

-> CF (Cash Flow)

-> Operating Revenue

-> Financing

-> Capital Expenditures

-> WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)

-> Valuation

These are effective reporting and analysis sheets that are adapted for a real estate business scenario. These sheets can be adjusted to your company's specific needs.

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