HR Manager: Google Sheets Tool
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HR Manager: Google Sheets Tool

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The google sheet link comes in a word document. Once downloaded, go through the link and hit File > Make a Copy for your own editable version of the template. This requires a free Gmail account to use. 

The template has a wide range of fields that are designed to improve the organization of any HR manager or HR department as a whole. The idea is to make reporting on various important things easy to keep track of. The main data points tracked are insurance status (covered / not covered) and (eligible / not eligible) as well as data around attendance, raises, age, and worker type (full time / part time / etc...)

The general use of this tool was designed to be really simple. The user simply enters data for each employee on a single row of the database. From there, all formulas result in automated summaries.

There are two report outputs. The first is an overall summary that displays the following:

- Count of workers by type

- Count of workers with insurance by type

- The percentage of each

- 3D bar charts and pie charts therein

- Employee count by tenure (length of employment)

- Employee count by age

- Employees over the strike limit

- Employees over the unexcused absence limit

- Count of employees in each strike range

- Employees with perfect attendance

The second report is tab specific and allows the user to see all employees that meet a given criteria in a clean output. These criteria are separate on each tab and automate based on the filter function and include:

- Insurance

- Worker Type

- Tenure

- Strikes

- Age

- Attendance

- Last Raise

Google sheets will give easy permissions on the spreadsheet itself. Once the user has made their own copy, they can lock it so only their email can access. They can also give other emails view only access if needed or edit access.

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