Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template
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Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template

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The Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template will enable you to track, report and gain insights to improve employee retention in your organization. Simply download the template, enter your data, and access your employee retention metrics instantly.

With this Excel Template you will be able to:

• Customize the template according to your organization’s needs.
• Enter in a time planning period of up to one year.
• Add any number of company holidays.
• Enter different availabilities for each employee.
• Set individual demands (number of employees required) for each day of the week.
• Add different employment periods for each employee.
• Automate capacity calculations.
• View Employee and Team Availability calendars.
• View a monthly summary report.
• Present easy to read and organized data management.

The template’s highlights include:
• 7 highly practical and efficient Employee Retention Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• 3 visually effective and interactive Dashboards
• Simplified data entry and automated calculations
• Customizable modular design
• A file for life

7 KPIs will be automatically generated by the template. These are:
• The number of Active Employees within the company
• The number of New Employees hired
• The number of Employees who have left the company
• The employee Turnover Rate (Number of Exits/Average number of active employees during the period)*100
• The employee Retention Rate (Number of Exits from employees active at the beginning of the period/Number of employees active at the end of the period)*100
• The average Tenure (duration of employment) of active employees
• The average Tenure of exit (duration of employment at time of exit) of active employees

The template also provides three automated dashboards:

1) The retention dashboard presents the 7 KPIs with trend over the previous year.

2) With the snapshot dashboard, you can gain an interactional view of the number of employees and their average tenure. Filter this using 7 different employee and job attributes. There are 10 slicers to use to narrow down or filter the snapshot dashboard.

3) The exit dashboard offers an interactive view of exit data. Whether it be voluntary or involuntary, the Exit Type and Exit Reason can be easily accessed to know how, why and when employees are exiting the organization. There are 10 slicers available to narrow down or filter the exit dashboard.

4) The simplified data entry and automated calculations template will streamline your data as there is only a single input sheet. Here you may input all employee information onto one table. After inputting the data, refresh the calculations to make the dashboard reflect your entered data. The response will be 100% accurate as it does not require manual entries.

5) The dashboards are designed to be modular and customizable.

• If you do not need one of the dashboard’s charts, unprotect the sheet and remove that chart.
• If you do not need one of the dashboard’s slicers, unprotect the sheet and remove that slicer.
• Rename the slicers by unprotecting the sheet and changing that slicer’s settings.
• To resize one of the charts, unprotect the sheet and resize the chart as needed. This will not negatively impact the dashboards.

It is possible to customize 10/14 attributes of this chart to suit your needs. 2/4 employee attributes can be customized, all 7 job attributes can be customized, and 1/3 exit attributes can be customized.

The template’s design allows data to be inputted as new data arises, for example as employees join or leave the organization. The same file can therefore be used for life.

Note that there is a 1000 employee limit by default, yet that can be extended to any number of employees quickly and easily.

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