Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Model Excel Template
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Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Model Excel Template

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Generates 5-year drive-thru restaurant cashflow projection, projected cash flow statement format, financial dashboard, and core metrics in GAAP/IFRS formats automatically. Use Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Projection Model to get funded by banks, angels, grants, and VC funds. Unlocked - edit all - last updated in Sep 2020.

Model Overview

Generate fully-integrated drive-thru restaurant pro forma profit and loss, cash flow statement projection, a balance sheet projections for 5 years. Automatic aggregation of monthly and annual summaries on the financial summary report.




  • Spot Problems With Customer Payments
  • Determine If You Need To Make Adjustments Like Cutting Expenses
  • Make Hiring Decisions With Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Projection Template Excel
  • Plot Your Startup Loans Repayments With Drive-Thru Restaurant Excel Pro Forma Template
  • Start A New Business With Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Model Excel Spreadsheet
  • Set New Goals With Drive-Thru Restaurant Cash Flow Format In Excel
  • Plan The Costs For Opening Drive-Thru Restaurant And Operating Activities
  • Forecast All 3 Financial Statements With Drive-Thru Restaurant 3 Way Forecast



Identify potential shortfalls in cash balances in advance. 
The Drive-Thru Restaurant Financial Projection Model Template works like an 'early warning system.' It is, by far, the most significant reason for a cash flow forecast.

Simple and Incredibly Practical 
Simple-to-use yet very sophisticated Drive-Thru Restaurant Three Way Financial Model. Whatever size and stage of development your business is, with minimal planning experience and very basic knowledge of Excel you can get complete and reliable results.

A very sophisticated Drive-Thru Restaurant Excel Financial Model Template, whatever size and stage of development your business is. Minimal previous planning experience and very basic knowledge of Excel is required: however, fully sufficient to get quick and reliable results.

Convenient, All-In-One Dashboard 
Includes all required forecasting reports, including assumptions, p&l proforma, pro forma cash flow projection, balance sheets, performance reviews and summaries for months and years (incl. numerous graphs and KPIs).

Works for startups 
Creates a financial summary formatted for your pitch deck

Investors ready 
Print ready (including a profit and loss statement, a cash flow statement, a balance sheet, and a complete set of financial ratios).




The All-in-one dashboard in this Drive-Thru Restaurant Three Way Financial Model contains all core financial inputs and core start-up metrics critical for the companies' financial analysis. It reflects the financial data from a Balance Sheet, an projected income statement, and a cash flow forecast. Moreover, users can obtain financial information in the form of graphs or charts.

Our Drive-Thru Restaurant 3 Way Forecast Excel Template has a well-developed methodology for creating a cost budget. You can plan and forecast your costs from operations and other expenses for up to 60 months. The cost budget has a detailed hiring plan while also automatically handling the expenses' accounting treatment. You can set salaries, job positions, and the time of hiring. Moreover, the model allows users to calculate hiring as the company scales automatically. Pre-built expense forecasting curves enable users to set how an expense changes over time. These pre-built options include % of revenues, % of salaries, % of any revenue category, growth (or decline) rates that stay the same or change over time, ongoing expenses, expenses that periodically reoccur, expenses that regularly change, and many more. Costs can be allocated to key expense areas and labeled for accounting treatment as SG&A, COGS, or CAPEX.

Cap Table 
The Capitalization table (or Cap table) summarizes your investors' information, their share in the company, and how much they have paid for these shares.

Burn and Runway 
The cash burn rate shows the difference between the cash inflows and cash outflows of the company. It is essential to monitor this metric because it shows how long the company will last with its current funding level. Business owners can also see a clear picture of how various business strategies change the cash burn rate.

All in One Place 
This Drive-Thru Restaurant Cash Flow Proforma is key for investors. You will need a 3 Way Forecast Model to validate how much money you need to start-up with and how much your investor can make on this investment. Remember that investors are not tolerant to start-ups that do not have a business plan or a financial plan.

Financial Statements 
The Drive-Thru Restaurant Excel Financial Model has a pre-built integrated financial statement structure. It has pre-built templates for the primary financial statements: Balance sheet, p&l proforma, projected cashflow statement, and Statement of Shareholders' Capital. All these financial statements are precisely defined and interconnected with the inputs and other spreadsheets within the model.

Loan opt-in 
A Drive-Thru Restaurant 3 Way Forecast Excel Template consist a table that provides the stakeholders with the information about the periodic payments for an amortizing loan. The loan amortization schedule includes information about the loan amount, interest rate, term to maturity, payment periods, and amortization method. In particular, loan amortization methods include the straight line, declining balance, annuity, bullet, balloon, and negative amortization.

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