Commercial Model - Operation and Management (Bidding Excel Model)
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Commercial Model - Operation and Management (Bidding Excel Model)

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Bid Pricing Simulator (BPS) is an excel based bidding model/ commercial model developed by Fin-wiser Advisory which help organizations to prepare commercials for a bid/tender and can be used in operations and maintenance industry.

Bidding is a time bound activity and BPS can provide impetus to your efforts of delivering a quality output by saving crucial time of commercial team to the tune of 120-150 hours.

Salient Feature:

1. Sector Applicability: Operations and Management, Hard & Soft Facility Management, Operations and Maintainance

2. Pricing Methodology Used: Suit for Bids priced using Cost + Markup methodology

3. Contract Life: Suitable for Contract Life up to 10 years/120 months

4. Cost Calculations Time frame: User can populate and review cost elements on monthly basis and better understand cost trend

5. Scenario Management: BPS can incorporate 10 different scenarios at a time providing user with greater flexibility to analyse results

6. Multiple Redesigned Outputs: Fully Integrated Monthly & Annual Financial Statements, Cash Waterfall, NPV- IRR Analysis & more

7. Modeling Practice: BPS is designed and Build using Best Modeling Practice

8. Re Use ability: This tools can be used for multiple Bids through the year hence saving a great deal of time and money.

BPS Includes following Input Tabs:

1. I_General_Assm.- Includes General Assumptions Like Start Date, Inflation & More

2. I_Staff_Salary- Inputs Related to Staff to be hired for the project

3. I_Staff_Phasing- Inputs Related to Staff Phasing during the project life

4. I_Mobilisation- Staff & Non Staff Cost during Mobilisation Period

5. I_Subcontractor- Inputs Related to subcontractors to be hired for specialist services

5. I_Opex- Opex related inputs divided into 8 categories

7. I_Capex- Capex related inputs divided into 4 categories

BPS Includes following calculation Tabs:

1.C_Staff_Salary_Cost- Calculates Staff Cost by Each Role and Salary Cost Component

2.C_Mobilisation_Cost- Calculates both Staff & Non Staff Related Mobilisation Cost incurred

3.C_Subcontractor_Cost- Calculates subcontractors related cost

4.C_Opex_Cost- Calculates Opex cost to be incurred during the bid

5. C_Capex_Cost- Calculates Capex & depreciation cost to be incurred during the bid

6. C_Working_Capital- Calculates Receivables and Payable for each cost account

7. C_Price_Calc- Calculates TCV of the contract using a Cost + Markup approach

BPS Includes following Output Tabs:

1. O_Financial_Statements- Includes Financial Statements i.e. IS, BS & CF on Monthly & Annual Basis

2. O_NPV-IRR- Includes NPV and IRR Analysis

3. O_Graphs- Graphical presentation of data points

4. Check- Includes a list of Arithmetical & Logical Checks

Additional Tabs

1. Cover- This is the cover sheet & includes project title & Logo

2. Model Structure- Flow chart to understand the Model Flow

3. Read Me- User Guide on Model

4. Price Tracker- Keeps a track of model changes

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