Basic CRM system Excel Model
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Basic CRM system Excel Model

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Have you noticed that CRM systems can be expensive? Maybe you want to track some very simple information but don't want to commit to a cost per user per month? Perhaps you feel that most CRM systems out there are too complex for your needs?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this might be the tool for you.
This is a very simple spreadsheet for tracking your team's business relationships. A couple of examples of uses could be for either:
-tracking sales leads
-tracking networking
-tracking supplier and customer relationships
-tracking deals
Unique features include:
-the ability to define the strength of the relationship (in helpful & colourful cells)
-the ability to filter the CRM by all column headers such as users, business type, location, relationship strength etc
-the ability to add a follow-up date. The CRM will automatically highlight any CRM contacts that are due for a follow-up
Using the CRM system:
1) On the settings sheet:
-Enter different categories for business type. These will feature one of the categories that the user can filter on in the CRM. You could use this to define different businesses by type or industry for example
-Enter different CRM users
NOTE: You can add more options to both business type and CRM user by inserting rows at least one row above the bottom of the yellow cells
2) On the CRM sheet enter the contact details in the yellow cells and use the dropdowns in the blue cells
Good luck and don't bother paying for a CRM system if all you need is something basic for tracking contacts

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