3 Statement Financial Modeling with DCF & Relative Valuation - Self Learning Kit
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3 Statement Financial Modeling with DCF & Relative Valuation - Self Learning Kit

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Financial Modeling Tutorial is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to build financial models for discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation and relative/comps valuation.

This Tutorial is divided into the following 16 modules:

1. Building Historical Income statement

2. Building Historical Balance Sheet

3. Building Historical Cash Flow Statement

4. Setting up Revenue Drivers

5. Building Cost Drives

6. Setting up Debt Account

7. Accounting for Capital Expenditure and Depreciation

8. Working Capital Calculations

9. Calculating Interest Income and Interest Expense

10. Setting up Equity Capital and Reserve Account

11. Calculating Income Tax and Deferred Tax

12. Financial Statement Integration

13. DCF Valuation

14. Financial Ratios

15. Relative Valuation/ Comparable Company Analysis

15. Dashboarding

In addition to above files there are two PDFs on:

1. Discounted Cash Flow valuation: which talks about the concept of DCF valuation along with it's components, How to calculated FCFF (Free Cash Flow to Firm) and FCFE (Free Cash Flow to Equity), Discount Rate (WACC, beta, market risk premium, risk free rate), Advantage and Disadvantage of DCF.

2. Enterprise Value: which talks about the concept of EV along with it's components, how to derive Equity value from Enterprise Value, Valuation Multiples EV Based (EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, EV/ EBIT, EV/PAT) and Price based(Price/Earning, P/Sales, P/FCFF) .

This pack also includes the Final Model for user's reference.

This valuation model is build for Tesla Motors and user can download their annual reports from their investor relation website to understand the historical data.

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