Excel shortcuts and formula training excercises
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Excel shortcuts and formula training excercises

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Includes 3 excercises with solutions covering excel shortcuts and advanced formula use.
Note that the training excercise is for someone who already has a basic knowledge of excel formulas but wants to improve their knowledge of shortcuts and more advanced formulas in order to improve their productivity at work.
Shortcuts that you'll learn include keyboard shortcuts to move quickly around a spreadsheet, trace dependents within formulas, undo and redo an action, and many more.
The functions excercises will test most excel users and cover a range of specialist functions that will help the user to improve their knowledge of excel. Functions include IF, MIN, MAX, MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE, TRIM, LEFT, SUMPRODUCT, EOMONTH, COUNTIF, SUMIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS.
The excercises set up everyday workplace type scenarios in which to use the formulas and shortcuts.
The excercises encourage self guided learning by providing the answers in formula form. The user is encouraged to look at the structure of each answer. However, the best way to learn excel is to actually use excel.
Total learning time will depend on the starting level of the user. However, someone with a working level of knowledge of excel's basic features and basic functions will find that the excercises could take between 5 and 8 hours.

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