Hotel Financial Model: Leverage / Joint Venture Option / Operating / Exit / Seasonality
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Hotel Financial Model: Leverage / Joint Venture Option / Operating / Exit / Seasonality

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This financial tool was designed using Excel and is intended for users in the beginning stages of acquiring/ developing a hotel.

With up to 10-year financial forecasting, this tool enables users to input developmental assumptions which are computed using built in logic. 

Various reports are generated, including: annual and monthly cash flow and executive summaries; operating details and balance sheet; discounted cash flow analysis and IRR; and income report.

Easy to read visualizations are generated from input and built-in computations.

Tool includes up to six schedules for startup costs (single or multiple sections). Each cost contains 22 slots, allowing for max customization.

Up to 20 room types, room type count, base room rate, and seasonality assumptions can be defined.

Users also define staff:

  • type 
  • count
  • schedules
  • cost 
  • growth
  • payroll benefits
  • taxes
Two options for equity structure are available, including:
  • simple cap table with defined equity contributions from operators and investors
  • monthly IRR hurdle-based waterfall where defined equity contribution rates and distribution rates vary based on return achieved by investor and acquisition fees, which are paid to the operator

In addition, tool includes: exit values based on capitalization rate, going-in capitalization rate, trailing 12-month net operating income, and the option for REFI to happen on a designated month. 

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