Google Sheet Business Tools
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Google Sheet Business Tools

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This is a google sheet bundle that includes all the google sheet work I have designed and come up with to help businesses track and report better. The bundle comes in the form of a Microsoft Word document that has all the sheet links on it. To gain access, simply click through each google sheet link and hit File > Make a Copy.  

Only sheet #11 has scripts and the rest of the workbooks are formula based. Everything from filter formulas to sumifs/countifs and conditional formatting have been utilized to provide a suite of efficiently structured tools for a wide range of business use cases.

Each sheet link has its own instructions tab and the links in the word doc are in the same order you see below.

List of Templates:

1. Accounts Receivable and Payable

2. Budget Vs. Actual Variance Analysis with Cash Flow (monthly)

3. Profit / Loss and Cash Flow Tracking in Real Time

4. Car Salesperson: Improvement Tracker

5. Incentivizing Sales People - Multiple Scenario Planning with Comparison Visuals

6. Gantt Schedule

7. Gantt Schedule with Man Hour Allocation

8. DCF Analysis with Robust Sensitivity Tables

9. Employee Scheduling

10. To-Do List Tracker

11. Database tracking and reporting with filters / scripts

12. Advanced Database Reports: multiple criteria

13. 6-Stage Sales Pipeline Tracker

14. Contract Billings Rolling Annual Revenue Tracker with a Goal

15. Sales Pipeline with Probability of Renewal 

16. Cash Survival Outlook

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