Churn Rate Formula Calculator
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Churn Rate Formula Calculator

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Churn rate is the term usually used to explain the measure of customers leaving your product, and how fast they are doing so. This can be an indication of retention, growth, and product success. It is calculated to measure things such as quarterly revenue, subscription numbers, growth by month or quarter, and so on.

Naturally, the churn rate is a crucial factor to consider for any business, of any size, and a significant factor in calculating revenue. SaaS churn is the percentage of total customers who ended using your service during a period. It’s also known in the SaaS industry as a logo or customer churn. Gross revenue churn is the percentage of revenue lost during a period due to customers canceling or downgrading. This template will allow you to calculate both subscription and revenue (MRR) churn for your business.

Churn Rate Formula Calculator

The template includes both flavors of churn - customers and revenue (MRR) churn.Dashboard for tracking revenue & customers churn by months for 2 and 5 years.

Ability to collect historical values as well as forecast your future customers and revenue waterfallsYou can easily compare the forecasted and actual levels of churn %

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