Annual Dynamic Planner in Excel
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Annual Dynamic Planner in Excel

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Dynamic Annual Calendar with Practical Entry Form


1. Create and edit events easily, directly on the calendar. No need to move around from tab to tab

2. When you double-click on a date, an entry form opens right next to the calendar to add a new event or edit an existing one

3. If a date already has existing event(s), the app asks you to choose one of them for viewing/editing

4. Each event can be assigned to a category. You can easily add new categories

5. Each event can have the color of your choice on the calendar

6. You can add events for any year in the past or the future

7. You can filter the calendar to only show events of one category

8. You can hide the entry form with the press of a button

9. Both the calendar and the form are designed to print or export to pdf in a single A4 page

10. All events are stored in a powerful database where you have access to make changes. If you make changes in the database, just click on the refresh button of the calendar to update it

Since this is an Excel custom app, it can be further customized according to your needs and desires. In that case, just send me a message.

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Patricia Bala

Very useful tool

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