M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) process
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M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) process

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Basic Mergers & Acquisitions process with the major milestones and key steps for the ultimate success of the deal. With this tool also relative newcomers can learn how to lead and create value in any M&A deal. For any deal it is crucial that both seller and buyer have a general understanding of the milestones and key steps of a standard Mergers and Acquisitions process.

Milestones and Key Steps


- Strategy Concept

- M&A strategy

- Market screening & target identification (long & short list)

- Company profiles, strategic and cultural fit, initial valuation

- Project team and advisors

- Game plan

- Internal project approval


- Approach target

- Sign NDA

- Negotiations

- MoU or Letter of Intent

- Due Diligence

- Business plan & final valuation (incl. synergies)

- SPA Negotiations

- Deal structuring (incl. tax)

- Internal board approval

- Define integration plan

- Deal Signing & Closing


- Internal & external communication

- Day1 Kick-off

- Integration implementation and management (6 & 12 months project review)

- Maintain focus - track and realize synergies

- One year after closing: Review and report to board

- Portfolio Management

- Lessons learned (improve the internal process)

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