Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Simple Financial Model
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Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Simple Financial Model

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Report Overview

The model is a great financial tool used to evaluate the financial impact of merger or acquisition, it typically includes projections of future cash flow, analysis of synergies, and assessment of financial risk and benefits involved.

Report Summary

In summary, the model easy to use, you need to fill the green cells in the green tabs, clear to read and understand the report and fully dynamic, no hidden formulas, 100% customizable, it is great planning tools and essential document for exit strategy or fundraising purpose.

Structure of the model

  • Assumption deal
  • Acquirer financials
  • Target financials
  • Summary and analysis
  • Dashboard


  • Fill the green cells in the green tabs starting with the Assumption deal sheet.


The data will dynamically flow into the following below.

  • Valuation for the acquirer
  • Valuation for the target company
  • Merger result clearly showing the added value from the merge.
  • Financial summary showing the value of the acquirer before and after the merge
  • Financial dashboard

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