The Complete Real Estate Bundle
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The Complete Real Estate Bundle

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This Complete Real Estate bundle contains a combination of 5 property-related Excel tools and models.

Recently added templates to this bundle: Mobile Home Park, Assisted Living Facility, Short-term rentals (STR), Self Storage, Mixed-Use, value-add real estate calculator, unit-based acquisition, and a Seller Financing schedule

- (NEW) - Two preferred equity templates - The first is based on achieving an equity multiple and the second is based on a preferred return value and has options for a kicker as well as a secondary common equity waterfall with its own IRR hurdles.

- (NEW) - Real estate development - has a budget and actual for on-going comparison. Easy data entry and advanced calculations to show equity requirements, cash flow, and resulting IRR/ROI of the entire project.

- Preferred Return template - Goes up to 10 years and allows for the accrual of any shortfalls. I tried to allow for one to adjust the logic easily depending on what kind of deal is being modeled.

- Multi-family Real Estate model - Goes for up to 10 years and includes waterfall assumptions with IRR hurdles for a joint venture. Also includes logic to plan for a refinance event as well as an interest only period for the initial loan. Updated to include up to 4 properties at once.

- The Real Estate Investment Trust - 20 Year Financial Model:

This model is constructed using capital deployment over a 4-year timespan. The auto-filled net operating income is linked to the total capital employed each year. The financial model produces the cumulative effect of the cash flows and an IRR (Internal Rate of Return)/NPV (Net Present Value) of the case.

- 10-Year Joint Venture Excel Real Estate Model with Refi Logic:

This effective spreadsheet real estate model is to be used to estimate future cash flows to the sponsors and investors. The pro forma ties everything up and divides all the cash in a series of summaries that include:

- net income from operations

- cash flow from refinance

- cash flow from exit

- the final cash splits for the investor pool and sponsor pool

Other key features: dynamic exit and refi year adjustments, investor splits, ROI to date and annualized ROI, accumulated cash position, and exit cap rates

- Excel Calculator: Full Loan Pay Off or Invest it All

This tool perfectly compliments the Loan Payback Optimizer. It enables the user to compare the outcomes of paying off loans as soon as possible or investing the money instead.

- Budget to Buy a Home: Excel Tool

This template is the perfect tool for anybody saving to buy a new home. It contains the expected monthly income, taxes and living expenses. This allows the user to calculate the net cash flow that can be put towards saving for the house each month.

These tools combined will give the user a thorough financial oversight into their real estate investment plans.

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