Target Operating Model (TOM) Framework
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Target Operating Model (TOM) Framework

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TOM is a tailored approach to support any business to achieve organizational targets. TOM ensure key components of the business are aligned with the strategy.

Fin-wiser Advisory hereby share a TOM framework which will help businesses best organized to more efficiently and effectively deliver and execute on their organization's strategy.

TOM acts like a Transformation Enabler. In practice it helps in highlighting the gaps between the current processes and the target states and establish dependencies and impact of change.

Wherever Consolidation/M&A is required TOM plays a pivotal role as it brings different businesses or divisions together and assure the alignment of TOM's key components which are people, process and technology.

Cost reduction and Optimization are the core of any TOM. It will help in identifying radical, tactical and strategic cost reduction opportunities. In terms of optimization, model helps to optimize the size, shape and structure of your business.

This framework covers the following:-

1. Business - Business Architecture, Governance and Policies and Cost Controls

2. Support - Information Technology, Vendor and Staff

3. Innovation opportunities

4. Processes - KPI's, Escalation/Issue Management, Customer Experience, Documentation

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