Simple three statement Excel cash flow model
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Simple three statement Excel cash flow model

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The Excel model template has the ability to enter up to 8 years. The user has the ability to enter both actuals and forecast numbers. The user will also have the ability to build up assumptions for a discount rate based on WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) and calculate a valuation for the business.
The Income Statement includes revenue with the ability to add monthly seasonal trends. Cost of sales is calculated as a margin on sales and admin costs are calculated as a percentage of sales. Interest expenses and interest income are also calculated.
The corporation tax is calculated in a flexible way to allow the user to fully determine the tax payments to correctly reflect their own tax jurisdiction.
Significant Balance Sheet items include stock, debtors and creditors driven by working capital days assumptions. Calculations include sales tax (referred in the model as VAT), corporation tax, interest, capital expenditure (and depreciation) and dividends.
The Balance Sheet also includes a number of balances that are held constant throughout the model timeline such as other fixed assets and other net working capital. The model contains basic debt and accrued interest calculations that are typed in over the timeline.
With this tool comes a PDF slide of instructions on how to use the model Additionally, there are multiple notes and labels within the model's assumptions pages in order to guide the user when filling in their assumptions.

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