Shop Profitability Analysis - Retail Excel Template
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Shop Profitability Analysis - Retail Excel Template

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This is a Retail Shop Profitability Analysis template which is an excellent and powerful analytical tool that is very useful for retail companies that want to evaluate their retail network. It is used to attribute all costs involved with the shops and to identify the underperformers, among many other uses. A vast amount of other analytical information is available within this template. This is an absolutely essential tool for any retail shop or chain owner. It is also great for the owner or manager of a number of franchises.

In case you are interested in exploring the model before the purchase, feel free to navigate through the screenshots on this page.

The functionality of the Retail Shop Profitability Analysis Template:

-> separate revenue and direct production/sales costs by structural units, by month, by product groups

-> separate indirect costs by structural units, by month, in accordance with the principles defined by you, (e.g., sharing the indirect costs referring them to the turnover or gross profits of each structural unit)

-> separate monthly general results of your enterprise (profit and loss statement), by structural units, determine profit or loss for each structural unit

generalize the results for each structural unit within a year

-> create ratings of structural units according to different parameters (turnover, average discount, net or gross profit, etc.)

-> calculate breakeven turnover for each structural unit, considering its average price mark-up

-> determine the efficiency of structural units, depending on the peculiarity of the company by month (e.g., turnover per sq ft., the average inventory turnover, average profit per customer, etc.)

-> attribute to the structural units the so-called "economic" costs that are not reflected in accounting; for example, the alternative cost of money frozen in stocks or with debtors

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