Restaurant Investment Excel Calculator
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Restaurant Investment Excel Calculator

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The Restaurant Investment Calculator allows you to quickly project the return on your investment (ROI). The template would show you how profitable your restaurant will be based on given assumptions.

The simple Restaurant Investment template is very user-friendly. We frequently work with restaurant industry clients, so we have tried to complete the model with the essential functions necessary for someone who is planning on setting up a new restaurant.

If you already have an operating restaurant, you will find several restaurant industry-specific templates on this channel, including a light model of a Restaurant's cash flow projections as well as an in-depth Restaurant Budget Template.

In this Restaurant Investment Calculator Template, you can:

• Change important assumptions for the new project (e.g., rent expense, the number of customers or employees)

• Net present value (NPV) calculations - this indicator helps to determine the profitability of a new project

• Return on Investment (ROI) calculations - evaluate the efficiency of investments

• Calculate the total own funds necessary for investment and work out crucial months in terms of cash flow. (Remember that most restaurants cannot reach their full revenue potential in their first operational months)

• Compare different scenarios for revenue projections (e.g., min, max, average or break-even scenarios)

• Create break-even scenarios, determine the break-even level of sales, and quickly test the viability of your numbers by changing the assumptions

• Precisely project total investments into the fixed assets and equipment (kitchen/hall equipment, furniture, etc.)

• View a chart of the projected development of your restaurant's cash flow

The calculator includes:

• An Assumptions tab for calculating ROI with given assumptions and break-even sales volume

• An Investment tab for listing all necessary equipment for the restaurant with pricing

• An Employees tab for calculating total monthly salary for all employees

• A Scenarios tab for evaluating investment scenarios

• NPV plan (the main worksheet, which contains a table with the main calculations for the investment project) & NPV chart

• Solver

Let us do the work for you!

Feel free to contact our team in case you need support with budgeting your company. Our team provides financial modeling services to companies around the world. Actually, this is our core business. We have a lot of experience with creating budgets for service companies and know the specifics of the business.

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