Online Traffic Builder
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Online Traffic Builder

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Forecast and analyse your online traffic to your platform including marketing channels and budgets

This easy to use and online traffic forecast tool enables you to build your marketing channels and marketing budget requirements to bring users to your online platform whether it is a website, eCommerce store or SAAS platform. 

We have reduced the number of assumptions that you need to input by simply asking for your year 1 and year 5 target inputs - the tool will do the rest. There is still the flexibility to change the yearly assumptions. 

You can also click on any assumption/input and a definition and context guidance box will pop up to help you complete the tool.

This has been designed to fit straight into your financial model by linking the final traffic line to your traffic inputs.

**With this tool, you can assess the following marketing channels:**

👍 Content marketing

👍 Social media marketing 

👍 Paid advertising

👍 Email marketing (and building your email database)

**This tool will let you identify and test:**

⚡ How many visitors will my platform receive over the next 5 years

⚡ What should my marketing budget be?

⚡ Which marketing channel will contribute the most traffic?

⚡ What are the cross-marketing opportunities?

⚡ Your core marketing drivers?


Test assumptions and sensitivities by building five scenarios (assess impact on traffic)

Monthly and annual outputs

Clear colour coding and formatting to allow traceability

Data visualisation - core metrics in well designed and dynamic charts

**The workbook is made up of:**

1/ Introduction - clear instruction on how to use the model

2/ Inputs - where you input, test scenarios

3/ Traffic builder - the calculations

4/ Summary output - output, test business cases and charts

Download includes: 1 Traffic builder workbook

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