Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Financial Model
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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Financial Model

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General Overview

Advanced Financial Model presenting a potential Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transaction between two companies.

The model is user friendly in many respects including the simple structure of the standalone models and the manner in which the transaction assumptions feed to the sources and uses of funds and then to the pro-forma balance sheet.

The model includes M&A drivers and assumptions, two different standalone 3 statement models, a consolidated pro-forma model, DCF valuation and sensitivity analysis, transaction closing calculations and closing balance sheet with adjustments and accretion/dilution per share analysis.

General Note

• The template includes Input Tabs (gold color) and Output Tabs (dark blue color)

• Formulas are in black, hard coded numbers in blue and links from other worksheets in green.

• User needs to update only the blue colored hard coded numbers

• As a general rule, try to avoid changing the formulas in the cells in the output tabs. Please contact us if you need assistance on the functionality of the template

Input - Output Data

User Needs to fill in the following:

• General Deal & Scenario Assumptions in the Input Tab

• Key Performance Metrics & Drivers in the Target Model & Buyer Model Tabs

• Historical Data for the first 5 - years in the Target Model & Buyer Model Tabs

• Key Performance Metrics & Drivers in the Pro Forma Model Tab

• Valuation Assumptions in the DCF Models Tab

• Fair Value Adjustments in the Close Tab

The inputs produce the following:

• 3 Statement Financial Model for the Target Company (including supporting schedules)

• 3 Statement Financial Model for the Buyer Company (including supporting schedules)

• Consolidated Pro Forma 3 Statement Financial Model (including supporting schedules)

• Pro Forma, Buyer & Target DCF Valuation Models including Charts 7 Sensitivity Analysis

• Transaction closing calculations and closing balance sheet with adjustments

• Accretion / Dilution Analysis per share

Help & Support

If you experience any difficulty while using this template and you are not able to find the appropriate guidance in the instructions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

This template has been designed with flexibility so it can be used in most business environments.

If you need a template customized for your business requirements, please e-mail us and provide a brief explanation of your specific needs.

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