Management Consulting - Changing Paradigm. A Thought Leadership Paper by Fin-Wiser Advisory.
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Management Consulting - Changing Paradigm. A Thought Leadership Paper by Fin-Wiser Advisory.

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This thought leadership paper on Management Consulting is an attempt to look at the origin of this term, its evolution, transformation and current state. There are numerous pros and cons which are associated with this practice. It depends upon the current economic situations, as to how any organization would want to leverage the use and potential benefits of engaging with Management Consulting Firms. Below is the construct of this Thought Leadership Paper, which would help Users to have a quick glance on the Consulting industry: -

• Management Consulting - Its Origin, History

• Evolution of Consulting Practices

• Types of Management Consulting Practices

• Styles of Management Consulting Practices

• North American Consulting Market - Some facts and data points

• Current Global Management Consulting Indicators - Some facts and data points

• Why do organization's hire Management Consulting firms or Consultants?

• Benefits provided by Management Consulting firms to their clients

• Risks associated

• Impact of Risks…etc

Anyone who would want to make a career in Management Consulting would find this Thought Leadership Paper very useful. In one snapshot, Users can get a bird's eye view of this practice. It serves dual purpose of sharing knowledge and guidance. Organizations, consulting firms, freelancers etc.all are part of one eco-system which is working together to achieve common business goals.

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