Leveraged Buyout LBO Model
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Leveraged Buyout LBO Model

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Why waste time making your own Leveraged Buyout Model?

A leveraged buyout model shows what happens when a private equity firm or private investors acquire a company using a combination of equity and debt, and then sells it in 3-5 years. Leveraged buyouts are similar to normal M&A deals, but in an LBO you assume that the buyer is a financial investor and sells the target in the future.


* Input major inputs on Summary worksheet (all inputs in blue).

* Input company historical financial information on Historical Financials worksheet (all inputs in blue).

* Input assumptions for future periods on Assumptions worksheet (all inputs in blue).

* Optional assumptions on Projected Financials worksheet (all inputs in blue).

* Optional assumptions on Return Analysis worksheet (all inputs in blue).

* Model assumes 100% acquisition of target company.

* Model assumes most recent year-end balance sheet is closing balance sheet for transaction.

* Model assumes no step-up in asset values.

* Model assumes no amortization of goodwill from acquisition.

* Transaction amount (Uses of Funds) is expected to equal Financing Amounts (Sources of Funds).

* Debt amortization = "Yes" results in equal annual amortization.

* Debt amortization = "No" results in balloon repayment.

* Short-term debt is not amortized in model.

* Model assumes investment exit in 5th year following acquisition.

* Use Print -> Entire workbook to print all pages.

- Firmex Team

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