IT Consulting Financial Projections
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IT Consulting Financial Projections

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This is an incredibly extensive and in depth financial model for your It consultancy firm. You will be able to create an extensive financial analysis and overview of your firms financial performance.

The model is based on 17 functional tabs:

- Assumptions

- Investments & Financing

- Personnel

- Revenue

- AR & AP

- Long-term debt

- Depreciation schedule

- Income Statement (Month wise)

- Income Statement (Quarterly and Yearly)

- Balance Sheet (Quarterly and Yearly)

- Balance Sheet (Month wise)

- Cash Flow Statement (Month wise)

- Cash Flow Statement (Quarterly and Yearly)

- Scenario Analysis

- Break Even

- Ratios

- Charts

-Investor Cap Table

As such, you can construct an comprehensive and extensive overview of your business' financial performance.

The assumptions tab will allow you to monitor the cost of revenue, expenses, growth in expenses and depreciation rates.

You will also be able to summarise the investments made into your business and the overall financing of your projects. This is based on inputs like start-up expenses, start-up assets, total requirements, start-up liabilities, investments and funding. This will allow you to analyse the funding behind your business venture.

The personnel tab will allow you to track all of the expenses of your personnel. This is based on number of staff, salary packages, salary expenses, which are used to calculate your total personnel expenses on a monthly basis. The revenue tab is solely dedicated to tracking and mapping changes in revenue on a monthly and yearly basis. This information is used to create a useful chart which maps your revenue against your number of consulting hours.

The AR & AP tab will help you to monitor your accounts - both accounts receivable and accounts payable, again, on either a yearly or monthly basis. The long term debt tab allows you to input your liabilities, interest rates and repayment terms in order to create a summary of your long term debt.

This financial model also provides the opportunity to model income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements on a monthly and a yearly basis. This will allow you to go even further in your comprehensive financial overview.

The scenario analysis tab allows you to log and track your profit and loss, gross margins, operating expenses, EBIT, EBITDA, profit before tax and carry forward losses. This tab also provides a useful chart that tracks your change in overall net profit. The break even tab uses your inputted financial information in order to provide break even charts, which map your number of hours for break even against your revenue for break even.

Finally, the charts tab will provide a series of useful charts that show your: revenue and profitability, profitability and return ratios as well as your cash, equity and long term debt.

Ultimately, this an extremely detailed financial model for your business that will allow you to analyse and track all financial aspects of your venture.

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