Investment Financial Models All-in-One Bundle (5 Templates)
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Investment Financial Models All-in-One Bundle (5 Templates)

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Save money and time by purchasing this All-in-One Investment related Financial Models Bundle.

A collection of templates suitable for investment decisions in various types of businesses/industries, including Merger & Acquisitions, Leveraged Buyout, DCF and more.

All templates follow Financial Modeling Best Practices principles and offer flexible customization.

The total value of the bundle is $425 but you can get it with a discount of more than 30% off for a final price of only $290!

The bundle consists of the following financial model templates:

• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Financial Model

Financial Model presenting a potential Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transaction between two companies. The model includes M&A drivers and assumptions, two different standalone 3 statement models, a consolidated pro-forma model, DCF valuation and sensitivity analysis, transaction closing calculations and closing balance sheet with adjustments and accretion/dilution per share analysis.

• Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Financial Model

Financial Model presenting a potential acquisition of a public or private company using a significant amount of borrowed funds. The model includes 3 Statement Financial Model with Scenarios, Financing & Debt Schedule, Closing Balance sheet with adjustments, WACC Analysis & DCF Valuation and Summary of Credit Metrics and various Financial Ratios.

• Cap Tables & Investor Returns Model

Cap Table Model for for a startup company or early-stage venture including multiple rounds of investments and investors returns analysis.

The template is a flexible tool assisting investors in identifying how much venture capital a start-up requires and when based on Discounted Free Cash Flow, computes pre-money and post-money valuation for each round of financing, calculates percentages ownership at each round, and computes the internal rate of return (IRR) and cash-on-cash (CoC) for each investor using different exit value scenarios.

• DCF & Sensitivity - Business Valuation Model

Financial Model providing valuation tools for any type of business/industry.

Template includes 3 Statement Financial Model for 5-Year Actual and 5-Year Forecast Scenario, Calculation of WACC, Discounted Cash Flow and Business Valuation and highly-sophisticated Sensitivity Analysis.

• Initial Public Offering (IPO) - Valuation & Financing Models

User-friendly template providing methods of modeling an initial public offering (IPO) transaction and information about the company and its possible valuation multiples before and after going public.

The template includes 2 different IPO Valuation Methods.

Model 1 is driven by the amount of capital raised and the company's valuation via a P/E multiple, while Model 2 is driven by a fixed number of shares sold and an offering price.

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