Hospital Budgeting Template
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Hospital Budgeting Template

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The Hospital Budget Template is a flexible financial planning tool in MS Excel for a healthcare organization. The template would suit any type of health facility - from a small specialized clinic to a multidisciplinary medical center - to plan its financials for one year.

The functionality of the template makes it possible to project revenue by treatment groups (inpatient and outpatient) as well as estimate different types of costs (raw materials, direct labor) and expenses (such as administrative payroll, marketing, taxes, rent, interest payment, and other). Additionally, there is a graphical analysis of the cash flows. Detailed instructions for filling in the input data are given on each worksheet.

In case you are interested in exploring the model before the purchase, feel free to navigate through the screenshots on this page.

The functionality of the hotel budget template:

-> separate Profit and Loss budget, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow budget;

-> detailed projection of sales by types of treatment;

-> estimation of the cost of treatments: materials, direct labor and other;

-> planning of general and administrative expenses such as marketing, administrative labor;

-> detailed scheduling of investments in tangible and intangible assets and automatic calculation of depreciation;

-> projection of financial activities: bank loans and leasing, automatic calculation of all required payments;

-> keeping a record of accounts receivable in accordance with the local healthcare system;

-> keeping track of the grants and contributions received;

-> graphical interpretation of the projected results from the perspective of cash flows: operational, investment, and financial.

The model is built in the way that minimum manual input is required, all necessary projections are calculated automatically. Hence, it will be possible to quickly analyze different scenarios and adjust the plans.

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