Hair & Beauty Salon Business Plan - 5Yr Financial Projection Model
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Hair & Beauty Salon Business Plan - 5Yr Financial Projection Model

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NEW Version updates:

-Commission based Employees have been included on Payroll calculations

-Option to calculate income from booth rentals has been added to the Scenario Tab

General Overview

Highly-sophisticated and user-friendly Hair & Beauty Salon financial model providing advanced financial projection for a 5-Year Business Plan.

This template is a flexible tool for owners/CFOs of a Hair & Beauty Salon and is suitable for all stages of the business cycle (start-up, early & late stage, maturity). It includes all necessary data needed to forecast company's financial and operational activities, business valuation and professional presentation through charts & graphs.

The model is fully customizable and is designed for a wide variety of users, from those with little or no accounting or Excel experience to those who may be well versed in finance, accounting and the use of Microsoft Excel.

General Notes

The template includes Input Tabs (Gold color) and Output Tabs (Dark-Blue Color).

User must fill in only the cell formatted as Gray Fill- Blue Font included in the Input Tabs.


1.Salon Setup



4.Fixed Assets Depreciation & Loan Amortization

5.Service Cost Breakdown

6.Sales - Cost of Sales



1.First Year Monthly Financials (3 Statement Model)

2. 5-Year Forecast (3 Statement Model)

3. Financial Ratios (KPIs) Dashboard

4. Charts & Graphs

5.Business Valuation

6.Executive Summary

PDF file with detailed instructions on the use of the template is included with your purchase.

For any inquiry/modification, please contact me via private message.

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