Due Diligences Excel Template - P&L starter pack
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Due Diligences Excel Template - P&L starter pack

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This tool is a template that will get you started with your P&L financial due diligence. I have built all the template analyses in the tool based on several years of experience in M&A Transaction Services at PwC focusing on what I found were recurring, essential analyses to be conducted in any good FDD.

To give a better view of the model I have created a summary P&L with a few classic KPIs from the ground up that you can populate with your own numbers. All the other analyses are formula-linked, when possible, to this summary P&L. Here is an overview of the tool :

- Quality of Earnings => Generally the key point of your due diligence as adjusted EBITDA will serve as a basis for valuation and to assess forecast

- Revenue bridge by main products => Will allow to quickly see if a certain product category has been driving the growth

- Revenue seasonality => Will allow you to see if the business has a specific seasonality (eg. peak season in Christmas)

- Gross Profit Bridge by Volume / Margin effect => Will help you understand what drove the change in Gross Profit ( and to a larger extent, to EBITDA)

- EBITDA bridge => Will help you to focus on the main drivers of EBITDA, highlighting key movements year on year.

- Employee costs analysis => Allows to get an idea of the costs per FTE and repartition of bonuses

- Historical Budget Accuracy Analysis => Will allow you to assess the reliability of Management budgeting process. That's generally a key information to look at when trying to assess Management forecast

- Current Year Trading analysis and Outturn - Will allow you to compare current year trading with previous year and see how far or how close Management is to realise it's current year forecast

- Monthly forecast analysis => Flexible graph that allows you to compare the monthly forecast with monthly historical in $ value and as a of revenue

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