Startup Financial Model: Dry Cleaning Business
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Startup Financial Model: Dry Cleaning Business

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Latest Updates: monthly and annual three statement model added as well as a capitalization table.

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This Excel template is built for a startup dry cleaning business. After entering your data into the assumption boxes a 10-year financial model and DCF Analysis will automatically populate. The maximum years held can go up to 50.


The general principles of the assumptions were designed very simply. There are up to 34 slots for startup costs. A percentage can be defined for how much of those costs are financed through debt. There is a separate schedule for on-going operating costs and that has 34 slots. The logic for on-going costs lets the user enter a description, the total yearly cost, and the count (i.e. for multiple workers or any situation where you want to break down costs by units).


The expenses will grow at a defined annual rate up to a specified year and then stabilize. You can let them grow for as long as the model runs if so desired.


Other Global Inputs and Revenue are defined with a few inputs cells:

  • Start Month of First Year

  • Number of Operating Years (max 50)

  • EBITDA Exit Multiple if Selling Business

  • Items per Day

  • Avg Ticket Price per Item

  • Working Days/Year

  • Estimated Annual Revenue (output)

  • Annual Rev. Growth / Year

  • Number of Years with Growth

After all inputs have been defined, the annual pro forma will display annual revenues, OpEx, EBITDA, debt service, and annual cash flow. All startup costs flow to year 0. The final return on investment summary will display:

  • Years Held

  • IRR

  • Break Even Year

  • Initial Cash Investment

  • Total Cash Returned

  • Equity Multiple

  • Annualized Equity Multiple

  • ROI

  • Total ROI

  • Annualized ROI

This model is a good starting point for the user to gather a lot of the relevant financial data and start formulating some bare minimum feasibility for such an endeavor.


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