Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation Model with 3 Years Actual and 5 Years forecast- Telecom
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Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation Model with 3 Years Actual and 5 Years forecast- Telecom

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This is a very detailed and user friendly valuation model with the three financial statements i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement and detailed calculation around DCF based valuation and financials analysis.

The model captures 3 years of Historical + 5 Years of forecast period. Valuation is based on the 5 year forecast using Discounted Cash Flow methodology.

Assumptions tab allows for the inputting of large amount of financial date for your business.

These inputs cover a wide range of financial data:

1. Revenue Assumption (ARPU, No. of users, Market Share)

2. Costs Assumptions (Access charges, License Fees, Network Operations Cost & more)

3. Income tax

4. Working Capital Assumptions (Receivables, Payable, Inventory)

5. Capital Expenditure and Depreciation/Amortization (Tangible and In Tangible Assets)

6. Long Term and Short Term Debt

7. Share Capital (Issue of New shares, Retained Earnings, Reserve Accounts)

8. Dividend Calculation (Interim and Final Dividend along with Tax impact)

9. Interest Income and Expense calculations

The model run comprehensive calculations based on the inputs provided by the user and generate very accurate outputs which includes:

1. Income Statement: Includes Historical and forecast Profit and Loss statement

2. Balance Sheet: Includes Historical and forecast Balance sheet

3. Cash Flow Statement: Includes Historical and forecast cash flows

4. Valuation: DCF based valuation based on the forecast cash flows and discount rate assumptions

5. Valuation Ratio: A very detailed financial analysis covering:

- Price and EV based valuation ratios

- Per Share Data like EPS, DPS, FCFF per share & more

- Margin ratios

- Return ratios

- Dupont Analysis

- Gearing Ratios

- Liquidity ratios

- Coverage Ratios

- Activity Ratios

- Investment rations

- Enterprise value

Functional areas where this model can be used:

1. Investment Banking (Buy Side and Sell Side)

2. Equity Research Firms

3. Financial Analysis and Valuations

4. Financial Modeling with Best Practices

5. Business Planning for Telecom Companies

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