DCF & Sensitivity - Business Valuation Model
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DCF & Sensitivity - Business Valuation Model

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General Overview

User friendly template providing valuation tools for any type of business/industry.

Template includes 3 Statement Financial Model for 5-Year Actual and 5-Year Forecast Scenario, Calculation of WACC, Discounted Cash Flow and Business Valuation and highly-sophisticated Sensitivity Analysis.

The template is built using Financial Modeling Best Practices and is fully customizable.


• Contents: Update Company's General Info and select currency from the drop-down list

• Financial Statements: Update Assumptions for Forecast Periods.

Update Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Supporting

Schedules Data for the Actual Periods

• WACC: Update Data for Comparable Companies and Calculation Assumptions.

• DCF & Valuation: Update Valuation Assumptions


• Financial Statements: 5-Year Forecast

• WACC: Calculation of Weighted Average Cost of Capital, which is used for Business Valuation

• DCF & Business Valuation: Discounted Cash Flow, Calculation of Enterprise Value, Equity Value, Targeted Share Price, IRR and Valuation Ratios

• Sensitivity Analysis: Presentation of various outputs and assumptions that affect Share Price

General Notes:

• Beta in WACC Tab is calculated based on Comparable Companies data. You can use sites as Yahoo Finance, Statistica, Capital IQ, etc. for reference

• Some cells in tabs "DCF & Valuation" & "Sensitivity Analysis" are locked. They are used to populate the sensitivity tables in a different worksheet, so please do not edit

• In the "Sensitivity" tab, you may change the blue colored percentage(%), to see how a change in the output impacts the share price

For any inquiry/modification, please contact me via private message.

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