Cash Flow Projection Excel Model for FMCG
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Cash Flow Projection Excel Model for FMCG

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General overview

Certainly, as confidence in the economy struggles to catch-up to growth, many healthy firms can end up facing cash shortages that can hold them back from enjoying the spoils of the uplift

The goal of this template is to anticipate problems in advance since the cash flow FMCG sector is so susceptible to cashflow problems due to customer fluctuation and customer defaults

The template assists the users in a simple way in forecasting their cash flow on a weekly basis to keep always 12 weeks ahead, the structure of the model will allow the users to enter the data in very short time,

and get accurate result due to the cash flow sensitivity of this industry and to plan the financing activities ahead of time

The user needs to update the month by choosing the selection box in the “CF main sheetâ€? under column A, row 2

Very simple to use, the user only needs to fill the green cells in the green tabs and the outputs are updated instantly


Update the general info in the Front Page

All cells in green are input cells

You can find the green cells in the green tabs only

You will get the outcome in the dark blue tabs

You can read the instruction in the light blue tab


The input will dynamically flow in the following below:

Cash flow projection for 12 weeks

Excess/ Deficit from operation

Net cash generated from investing activities

Total proceeds from financing

Ending cash position

Banks utilization and un-utilized percentage

Dashboard summary

Conclusion and customization

Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

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