Cash Flow Budget Excel Model - Any Industry
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Cash Flow Budget Excel Model - Any Industry

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This is an instantly downloadable Cash-Flow Budget template, suitable for any industry.

This Excel document comes ready-to-use and is essential for those wanting to forecast their cash inflows and outflows over a year period, helping to plan financially for the future of a business.

Within this download are a variety of input sections, in order for the user to more effectively forecast inflows and outflows. These include:

- Planning of inventory purchases

- Building a schedule of supplier payments

- Other expenses, inc. taxes, salaries, employment taxes, health insurance, rent, utilities, and leasing.

- Client payments

These sections come under 3 tabs: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Priority Expenses.

The template will allow the user to predict the risk and performance impact of certain company factors, whilst also permitting quick and easy imports of accounts payable and accounts receivable data.

Added to this Cash Flow Budget is a totals page and a Cash Flow Chart, which allows a clear visual representation of the data.

Let us do the work for you!

Feel free to contact our team in case you need support with budgeting your company. Our team provides financial modeling services to companies around the world. Actually, this is our core business. We have a lot of experience with creating budgets for service companies and know the specifics of the business.


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