Cafe Investment Excel Calculator
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Cafe Investment Excel Calculator

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This is an easy-to-use tool for those looking to open a café and wanting to calculate its return on investment.

Available to download and use instantly, this MS Excel calculator will demonstrate the return of the café and the break-even sales volume, calculated from the assumptions.

Within this calculator are the following worksheets:

Assumptions: This contains the key assumptions that are needed to calculate current costs and sales in the NPV section. Includes assumptions such as the area of commercial premises, rent, public utilities and others.

Investments: This section is for the user to input all that is necessary for the café, including kitchen equipment, hall equipment, and furniture.

Employees: Worksheet used to calculate the total monthly salary for all employees.

Scenarios: This part helps to evaluate the investments in four different scenarios (Min, Avg, Max, Break-even)

NPV Plan: This is the main worksheet, which contains a table with the main calculations for the investment project. In this worksheet such indicators as PV, NPV and ROI are calculated.

NPV Chart: This shows your projected café development over time.


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