Annual Operating Plan - Actual vs Budget Template
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Annual Operating Plan - Actual vs Budget Template

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General Overview

The main purpose of the template is to enable user to prepare an operating budget to project company- performance and compare it with actual figures.

The structure is user friendly and practical and is suitable for any type of business.

The template includes major input data for calculations, P&L and Cash Flow Budget and Actual Reports and a Variance Analysis.

General Notes

• The template includes Input Tabs (gold color) and Output Tabs (dark blue color)

• User needs to complete all the input cells (marked as gray fill-blue font) in the input tabs for the template to function properly.

• As a general rule, try to avoid changing the formulas in the cells in the output tabs. Please contact us if you need assistance on the functionality of the template.

Template Instructions

Sales Data

• Update the Sales Breakdown section with the required data - Sales Volume, Price per Unit, Cost per Unit and Sales Growth percentage (%)

• The template calculates revenue based on 5 Products. You may add more products, but remember to update the upper part of the sheet accordingly.


• Fill in the Monthly Salary for each employee in the Salary Section

• Fill in the Payroll Taxes Rates (%) in the Taxes Section. If a tax rate is not applicable in your country, enter zero in the cell

• The Bonus section is based on 2 Scenarios. Select the Bonus Scheme from the drop-down list and update data in the input cells.

Operating Expenses

• The template includes major categories of Operating Expenses that in most cases are suitable for any business

• You can change a category based on your company- requirements

• User needs to fill in all the input cells

PPE & Debt Schedules

• Update Capex purchases and depreciation rate in the Depreciation Schedule Section

• Update Long-Term and Short-Term Loan Data in the Debt Schedule Section

• In case a type of Debt is not applicable in your company, enter zero in the "Loan Amount" cells (D21, D32)

P&L Budget - Actual

• The P&L Budget Tab is automatically calculated based on the input data. User only needs to update the Income Tax percentage (cell D40)

• The P&L Actual Tab is a representation of company's actual figures. User needs to complete the input cells for all months that have actual data.

Cash Flow Budget - Actual

• The Cash Flow Budget Tab is calculated based on the assumptions of AR and AP Days.

• User needs to update the percentages in the Assumptions Table and fill in the input cells in the Financing Cash Flow Section

• The Cash Flow Actual Tab is a representation of company's actual figures. User needs to complete the input cells for all months that have actual data.

Variance Analysis

• This tab produces a representation of the differences between actual and budgeted figures and the impact each category has on company- overall operating result.

• The Waterfall Chart in the Charts Section illustrates company- variances based on a monthly or Year-to-Date user selection

Help & Support

If you experience any difficulty while using this template and you are not able to find the appropriate guidance in these instructions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

This template has been designed with flexibility so it can be used in most business environments.

If you need a template customized for your business requirements, please e-mail us and provide a brief explanation of your specific needs.

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