Advanced Financial Model with DCF & Valuation
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Advanced Financial Model with DCF & Valuation

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New Version Updates:

• Model is now dynamic. User can select the desired forecast length for up to 10 Years.

• Revenue projection calculations have been extended to include up to 10 different services and up to 10 different products.

• New Dynamic Charts & Graphs have been added.

Note: The screenshots do not reflect the updates. Please download the free pdf if you wish to view the full updated model.

General Overview

Advanced Financial Model suitable for any type of business/industry and fully customizable.

The template is built using Financial Modeling Best practices and includes Scenario basis 3 Statement Financial Model for First Year and up to 10-Year Forecast Analysis, Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis, Breakeven Analysis, Financial Ratios, Business Valuation, and highly sophisticated charts presentation.

Model Structure


• Contents: Update Company's General Info. Company's name in cell E15 will be automatically update the title in each slide.

Select the desired number of periods and report currency from the drop down lists.

• Sales Data: Update Volume, Sales Price and Cost % Data for each revenue category and input Seasonality Increase

• Scenarios: Update Data under each of the three scenarios (Base, Upside, Downside)

• Actual: Fill in Last Year (LY) Data (if any). Update numbers for the months that have actual data. For any new actual month, please update this tab accordingly


Year 1 Financial Reports (Financial Statements - Budget- Variance Analysis):

• Tab "Yr 1 Financial Statements" includes a dynamic 3 Statement Model built from the inputs of "Actual" & "Budget" Tabs with the selection box being the main driver

The model assumes that the selected and all preceding months have actual figures (which should be updated in the Actual Tab) and the rest are budget figures

• The Budget Sheet is calculated automatically using figures from the "Sales Data" & "Scenario" sheets.

• The Variance Analysis sheet, presents a comparison for Actual vs Budget figures at a Year-to Date and a Monthly level.

A graphic presentation of YTD or Monthly results is shown at the end of the sheet.

Forecast Reports:

• Dynamic Forecast using Scenario Analysis. The tab produces a dynamic 3 Statement model allowing the user to forecast results for up to 10 Years by selecting the forecast length from the selection box in the contents tab

• Breakeven Analysis

• Financial Ratios

• Business Valuation with Sensitivity Analysis

• Charts & Graphs Dashboard

• Executive Summary

Help & Support

Committed to high quality and customer satisfaction, all our templates follow best practice financial modeling principles and are thoughtfully and carefully designed, keeping the user's needs and comfort in mind.

No matter if you have no experience or you are well versed in finance, accounting and the use of Microsoft Excel, our professional financial models are the right tools to boost your business operations!

If you however experience any difficulty while using this template and you are not able to find the appropriate guidance in these instructions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

If you need a template customized for your business requirements, please e-mail us and provide a brief explanation of your specific needs.

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