Generic SaaS Model: 4 Pricing Tiers
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Generic SaaS Model: 4 Pricing Tiers

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Latest Updates: monthly and annual three statement model added as well as a capitalization table.

Video Tutorial (note, this has been updated with more KPI outputs):

This is a generic 5-year SaaS model with four pricing tiers and specifically for monthly recurring billing or month-to-month billing. It was designed to give the user a quick, yet comprehensive analysis of what kind of financial forecasting may result from user growth and cost assumptions. Final outputs include charts and data for CaC, LTV, LTV to CaC ratio, months to pay back CaC and a general valuation sensitivity analysis based on various run rate multiples.

The configuration and use is really simple. Data entry per pricing tier includes:

  • Start month of subscription service

  • Starting count of subscribers

  • Monthly percentage growth of subscribers (defined each year)

  • Average monthly churn rate (defined each year)

  • Monthly subscription price (defined each year)

  • One-time initial revenue (defined each year and can be $0 if not applicable)

Expenses are broken into a few main categories and the user will enter total expected annual costs per category

  • Cost of Goods Sold (defined as a percentage of total revenue per year)

  • Executive Salaries

  • Salesman Salaries

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing

  • Research and Development

  • General and Administrative

  • Expected annual taxes is a manual input

Final outputs include a monthly and annual pro forma detail as well as an annual Executive Summary that shows key financial line items and KPIs.


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