Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template
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Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template

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We are delighted to present the Employee Retention Dashboard Excel Template, a valuable resource designed to facilitate the tracking and analysis of employee retention rates within your organization. This intuitive template offers a seamless experience for data entry and provides instant access to valuable insights to optimize your employee retention strategies.

Upon downloading the template and inputting your data, you can efficiently harness employee retention metrics to drive informed decision-making.

Notable features of this Excel Template include:

- Customizable options to tailor the template according to your organization's specific requirements.
- Provision for planning up to one year, inclusive of company holidays.
- Ability to designate varying availabilities for individual employees.
- Establishment of unique staffing needs for each day of the week.
- Specification of different employment durations for each employee.
- Automated calculations for capacity management.
- Access to Employee and Team Availability calendars.
- Generation of a comprehensive monthly summary report.
- Presentation of data in a structured and easily navigable format for streamlined management processes.

1) The retention dashboard showcases 7 key performance indicators (KPIs) alongside trends observed over the previous year.
2) The snapshot dashboard provides an interactive overview of employee numbers and average tenure, with users having the flexibility to filter information based on 7 distinct employee and job attributes. Additionally, 10 slicers are available for further customization.
3) The exit dashboard furnishes insights into exit data, encompassing voluntary and involuntary exits. Users can readily access information pertaining to Exit Type and Exit Reason, facilitating a deeper understanding of the factors influencing employee departures.
4) Simplified data entry and calculations are facilitated through a single input sheet. Users can input employee information into one central table and seamlessly refresh calculations to update the dashboards accurately, eliminating the need for manual data entries.
5) The dashboards are modular and customizable, empowering users to tailor charts and slicers to their specific requirements by following straightforward instructions for sheet protection and customization.

The template supports customization of up to 10 out of 14 attributes, covering employee and job attributes as well as exit data. It can be effortlessly updated with new data, such as employee joinings or departures, rendering it a versatile tool for ongoing data analysis.

Please be aware that the template initially accommodates a default limit of 1000 employees, which can be conveniently extended to accommodate any desired number of employees.

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