Quick Breakeven Analysis Model
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Quick Breakeven Analysis Model

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Breakeven analysis model in Microsoft Excel to download

This easy to use and customisable breakeven analysis template enables you to identify the minimum level of sales needed to make a profit. 

This is a critical analysis to understand:

How long it will be before you turn a profit?

What are the best pricing levels?

Which costs do you need to cover?

Should you upgrade your machinery? 

With this easy to use analysis tool, we build up your:

⚡Sales volumes - How many units you ship in a given time period (this can be a good or service)

⚡Unit pricing - How much you charge per unit

⚡Variable costs - costs that occur in making a sale, which rise in proportion to your sales e.g. direct labour and materials, commissions, packaging, royalties, or merchant fees

⚡Fixed costs - costs that occur regardless of whether you make a sale e.g. insurance, salaries & benefits or rent 

⚡Your profit profile - given the volumes, pricing and costs

With this analysis you will:

💪 Understand at what point you will start making a profit

💪 Determine your best pricing strategy

💪 Understand your unit costs and overall cost structures

💪 Build your minimum unit sales targets

💪 Set your budgets and gain focus 

You can also run up to 5 scenarios to understand how increases (and decreases) in your unit price and costs will impact the breakeven volumes. 

The analysis is also pre-populated to offer additional guidance.

The workbook is made up of:

1/ Introduction - clear instruction on how to use the model

2/ Breakeven analysis - where you input, test scenarios and calculate your breakeven point

Download includes: 1 Breakeven analysis workbook

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