Pitch Deck Ready Visuals: High Level Financials
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Pitch Deck Ready Visuals: High Level Financials

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What I mean by 'pitch deck ready' is that all the formatting has been done with consistency in mind as well as some other key things that all pitch decks should be taking into consideration if they are including financial summaries.

The data is entered annually for up to 5 years. 

The download includes an Excel file that is ready to enter data into as well as a link to a Google Sheet Version as there are a few nuances that make some things more interesting in one format compared to the other so I included both.

What Makes this 'Ready'?:

1. Color simplicity - Not too busy and not too harsh or distracting.

2. Fonts - Very clear and easy to read. Sizing is consistent / uniform. Proper titles / axis labels / and number formatting in MMs.

3. Not too complicated - Sometimes people can get caught up in really complex visualizations that require too much explanation. These visualizations were made to communicate high level expectations of the most important financial line items.

The following visuals are included with as little user input as possible:

- Revenue

- Gross Profit

- Revenue Growth Rate

- Gross Profit Margin

- Break-even Revenue

- Year-end customers

- Customer Growth

- Fund Usage

- Net Income

- Margin Analysis

- Revenue vs. Break-even Revenue

Note, you can use this for historical or partial historical / projections as well. See the video for best practice formatting on combinations of historical and actuals.

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