Excel Safety Dashboard
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Excel Safety Dashboard

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The Health Safety Excel Spreadsheet is a comprehensive tool designed to effectively manage Work Accidents and Daily Safety Dialogues (DDS) within your organization. This spreadsheet offers a variety of features to enhance safety practices and promote a safe workplace environment.
The initial step involves entering crucial information into the system. This includes registering sectors, agents of injury, accident details, affected body parts, and methods utilized in DDS. These records serve as the foundation for establishing a robust occupational safety management system.
Analytical capabilities of the spreadsheet include:
1. Accident Dashboard
- Total number of accidents
- Employee shift distribution
- Gender distribution of injured employees
- Cost analysis of accidents
- Types of accidents
- Body parts affected
- Top 3 agents of injury
- Top 3 accident characterizations
- Analysis of accidents by sector
- Year-on-year variation in accidents
2. DDS Dashboard
- Number of DDS conducted
- Average expected number of participants
- Average participation rate
- Percentage of participation
- Methods utilized in DDS
- Comparison of expected vs actual participants
- Yearly breakdown of DDS conducted
- Yearly participation rates
By utilizing this powerful tool, organizations can streamline safety management processes and drive continuous improvement in workplace safety practices.

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