Comprehensive Business Valuation Model
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Comprehensive Business Valuation Model

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Report Overview


Every business owner for private equity will be excited to know the market value of his business.

The report is detailed and easy template which allow the user to determine and monitor the value of the business.

The report contains 3 valuation approaches.

1-Comparison analysis approach

2-Discounted cash flow approach

3-Cost approach


The model will calculate the valuation of the company based on the weight for each approach and each approach will show 3 scenarios, minimum, maximum and central value.


The model will consider the central value of each valuation approach multiplied by the weight considered by the user to generate the final result.


In the “Appendix” sheet the model shows the COV (Coefficient of variance), standard deviation and the means, the user can consider the weight of discounted cash flow based on the volatility in the form of COV, in other words as much as the COV increased as mush the weight of discounted cash should decrease.



The model requires a wide range of financial data such as historical financial statement data and financial data for the company listed publicly.


The user must fill the green cells only in the following sheet.

-Please delete the data in the green cells

-Fill the green cells in the “Comparison analysis” sheet

-Fill the green cells in the “WACC”.

-Fill the green cells in the “Discounted cash flow” sheet

-Update the cost sheet if needed

And finally go to “Final result” sheet and update the weight in the green cells.


 NB: in case you need to consider only discounted cash flow approach, or you don’t have access to data to consider the comparison approach, please make the weight 100% for discounted cash flow in the “Final result” sheet




The data will dynamically flow into the following below.


-Summary for each approach

-Final valuation result


-Financial ratios

-Measure of volatility by using COV: Coefficient of variance



Conclusion and customization

Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user 

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