Accounting Bundle - Useful Excel Templates for Accounting Department
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Accounting Bundle - Useful Excel Templates for Accounting Department

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These tools have a wide range of target users that go all the way up to accounting managers and/or CFO and down to simple data entry level users.

Models Included:

- Cash Conversion Cycle

- Payroll Tracker and Calculator - Budget vs. Actual

- Inventory Within a 3-Statement Financial Model

- Lending Business or P2P Lending Participant

- 3-Statement Financial Model - For Startups

- Accounts Receivable and Payable (macro/non-macro Excel and Google Sheet link in non-macro version)

- Budget Vs. Actual Variance Analysis with Cash Flow (monthly) - (google sheet and excel)

- Inventory Management 

- Inventory Tracking: Multiple Locations

- Inventory Template Simplified

- Inventory Re-Stocking Cash Flow Management

- COGS Inventory Template - (FIFO Based)

- Inventory Re-Ordering - (google sheet and excel)

- Profit / Loss and Cash Flow Tracking in Real Time - (google sheet)

- Depreciation Expense Tool

Some of the tools come with a Google Sheet version and Excel version. On those, look for the G sheet link on the instructions tab. After following that link, hit File > Make a Copy for your own editable version. All the Excel templates are fully editable and unlocked. You must have a free Gmail account to use those sheets.

The most complex template out of all of these is the FIFO Cost of Goods Sold logic. It is one of the most satisfying pieces of programming I have ever done in Excel and should prove very useful for any Accountant trying to quickly figure out cost per unit and total COGS value per month based on multiple purchases and sales when using the FIFO Accounting method.

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