Data analysis template
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Data analysis template

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This analytical tool allows you to conduct basic statistical analysis for your data, including:

- Descriptive statistics
- Outlier detection
- Correlation and covariance tables
- Data visualization
- Regression analysis

The workbook contains 6 pages – “Read me”, “Backup”, “Data”, “Correlation and Covariance”, “Charts” and “Regression analysis”. These pages provide you a wide range of analytical options, tailored to your needs.

Using the file is as easy as 1. copy-and-paste your data and 2. click a couple of buttons. It does not require advance knowledge of Excel, its formulas or Visual Basic editor (macros). It is flexible and can be used unlimited number of times by a single user.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent tool from data anlaysis

Quite user-friendly and functional tool, based on MS Excel. VBA is used, so take this in mind when first using the file.
Provides a wide range of functions for statistical analysis and visualisation.
Highly recommend.

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